Insuring your bike

It is really important to insure your bicycle. Whilst preventative measures such as obtaining and using a good lock or security tagging your bike can significantly reduce the risk of theft, there is nothing more devastating than spending up to €1,000 on a bike only to have it stolen. The worst part then is finding out it isn’t covered under your home insurance or the claim will affect your renewal premium on the whole policy.

It is especially important for you to obtain insurance if you get a bicycle through the Cycle to Work scheme, as you will still be liable to pay any remaining salary sacrifice payments even if your bicycle is stolen. This is why insurance is absolutely critical, as you could otherwise end up with no bike and a salary sacrifice to pay off. By insuring it properly it could save a potential headache further down the line.

Some standard home contents insurance policies might limit the amount of cover provided for bicycles taken outside of the home, which is why it is important that cyclists check their contents policy before hitting the road.

The benefit of obtaining bicycle specific insurance is that in most cases the policy will cover you for bicycle theft, accidental damage, free legal assistance, new for old on claims and European wide cover. It is also possible in some circumstances to obtain worldwide cover if it is needed. You also have the option to add additional covers to your policy such as personal accident, public liability, competition/race cover and family cover.

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