How much can I save?

By availing of the Cycle to Work benefit with Cyclesheme you can either get a pedal bicycle and accessories up to the value of €1,250 or an e-bike and accessories up to the value of €1,500. You don't pay Income Tax, PRSI or USC on the cost of your chosen bike package so can save up to 52% on the retail cost. Use the Cyclescheme Savings Calculator to get an idea of how much you might save! Note: You do not need to enter an employer code.

Your budget

Fine tune your budget

  • We need to check that any salary sacrifice won't take your gross pay below the National Minimum Wage. This is dependent on your age and how many hours you work, so we need you to provide this information.

Savings displayed here are for illustration only. If you don't enter an employer code, your calculation will not include information about how your company scheme has been set up.

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