What isn’t allowed through the scheme?

All the most common questions answered, and a few less common ones too.

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Does the scheme apply to bicycle parts rather than a whole bicycle?

No. The scheme only applies to the purchase of whole bicycle and/allowable accessories. 

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Are mopeds/scooters covered by the scheme?

No. The scheme only applies to pedal cycles, tricycles or pedelecs and does not include motorcycles, scooters or mopeds.

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Can I purchase a second-hand bicycle and equipment through the scheme?

No. You can only purchase one new bicycle and/or safety equipment through the scheme.

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Can I use the scheme to purchase a bicycle for a family member?

No. You are only allowed to get one bicycle and/or safety equipment for your use only.  You will be required to sign a Salary Sacrifice Agreement declaring that at least 50% of the bicycles usage will be for commuting purposes. 

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Is anything other than bicycles and safety equipment eligible under the scheme?

No. Where applications are provided to an employer purporting to be for bicycles and/or safety equipment but in fact relates to other goods and services, the employee and/or retailer involved may, in making a false claim or in assisting in the making of a false claim, be liable to pay a penalty of €3,000.  The benefit only applies to expenditure incurred in the purchase of a whole bicycle and/or safety equipment. For more information please visit revenue’s cycle to work scheme - frequently asked questions

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