Covid-19 update

March 25 – Cyclescheme Retail Support

On the 24th March 2020, the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) has recommended that all non-essential retail outlets close to members of the public until Sunday 19th April 2020 and will be kept under continuing review as to whether further measures may be required. All other retail outlets are to implement social distancing. Bicycle stores were included in the indicative list of essential outlets (retailers involved in the repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycle repair and related facilities, for example, tyre sales and repairs).

On Tuesday 14th April these restrictions were extended by National Public Health Emergency team for another three weeks until the 5th May

At Cyclescheme we have a wide range of partner bike stores who are adapting to the current circumstances using the following methods:

- Operate by appointment only
- Operate on a 'collect and deliver' basis in your local area
- Operate on a ‘drive through/takeaway’ basis - customers order goods over the phone and staff bring the goods out to their car/bicycle.
- Open for key workers only, perhaps by appointment
- Operate by mail order only

At this moment we advise you take the following measure before leaving home to collect your Cyclescheme bike from the retailer.

1. Call the store directly, there is a chance that they will still be operating in some capacity and may be able to support
2. Email, if the store is closed its likely the business will be monitoring
3. Contact Cyclescheme for support either via Facebook or directly on

Q. What is the official guidance on bike stores? A. Retailers involved in the repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycle repair and related facilities (for example, tyre sales and repairs) are classed as essential outlets as they help to support the key and essential works commute to work.
Q. What stores are still open? A. Online and some physical stores, please contact them directly before travelling.
Q. I have a certificate, but my chosen store has closed, what do I do? A. Your certificate will remain valid, so you can wait until the store re-opens, or get in contact and we can make your certificate valid for another retailer.
Q. My certificate is redeemed with a store but I haven’t collected my bike. A. Contact the store to identify when the store will be next open, many can dispatch bikes direct, home deliver or allow you to collect from the front door. If you are not able to progress, please contact us directly:
Q. My Cyclescheme bike is in for its first service, but the stores has now closed, what do I do? A. As above
Q. My bike is on order at a specific store, but the stores not open, what can I do? A. Check with the store when it will reopen if you need any support please contact us
Q. My new bike has an issue and the stores closed, what can I do? A. Call or Email the store, although closed, they may well be answering emails and social media, and might have a solution. Is the store part of a chain of stores, if so phone email another branch. Another store may be able to help, but labour would be at your own cost. If not an essential worker, can this wait till the store reopens?
Q.The bike shop can no longer order my chosen bike, and don’t have anything else! A. Providing you have not redeemed your certificate, we can help you choose another bike or change retailer.
Q.I have a certificate and want to order a bike but need help choosing, what can I do? A. Get in touch, we can help!