Employee Events

How to run a successful Cycle to Work Scheme Employee Event


Cyclescheme Ireland Employee Events are a great opportunity to help us highlight all the benefits of the Cycle to Work scheme to your employees. They create a forum for discussion and give employees who are new or returning to cycling a chance to speak to a seasoned expert.

Cyclescheme organises everything for the event apart from the space. Our typical Cyclescheme event would consist of:

  • An experienced event attendee on hand to discuss the benefits of the Cycle to Work scheme for your employees (depending on size of company)
  • A variety of the latest Bikes and allowable Safety Accessories on display
  • Promotional material and literature to take away on the day

This guide to Cyclescheme Ireland Employee Event  aims to helps us to organise an efficient, well-attended and worthwhile event for all involved. The different aspects of organising an event that are addressed in these guidelines remain flexible. However, by following the steps below we are confident that together we will organise the best possible event for you and your employees..

Step 1 – Number of Employees

Cyclescheme Ireland will always endeavour to organise an Employee Event with you although events do work best when an employer has over 75 employees in the one location as this means the Cyclescheme Partner Stores that we invite along can justify their time out of their store and get to speak to a good amount of employees throughout the event. 

Step 2 - Date, Time and Location 

In order for Cyclescheme to be able to organise a well planned and advertised event  we ask that you provide us with the proposed date and time at least 4 weeks in advance of the proposed event date.

We find that the lunchtime period is usually the best time to host the event – this tends to be from 11-2pm (or thereabouts), events that run all day are usually only busy during this period. Where you have shift patterns we will try and cover as many of them as possible within reason.

Emoloyee Events tend to be best when held in areas with a high footfall; we have found cafeterias and lunch areas to be to best locations. Entrances to buildings have also been found to work well in the past.

Our local Cyclescheme Partner store will bring along a selection of bikes on stands and a range of safety accessories that are allowable via the Cycle to Work scheme. |Areas where 5 or more bikes can be displayed are ideally suited. Please let us know how much space is available in your proposed location as this will dictate the size of the show we organise.

Step 3 – Advertising an Employee Event

As Cyclescheme has a limited ability to advertise the event to employees we rely on the scheme administrator to take important steps in advertising the event to their employees.

There is support available from Cyclescheme when doing this; we provideposters that include the location, date and time of the event. These posters can then be displayed around your premises to help raise awareness. We can also provideemails to send to your employees  electronically.. All employees  should ideally be emailed in advance of the event and on the day itself.

Provision of scheme material  and fact sheets are also available during and in advance of the event (all free of charge).

To request a Cyclescheme Ireland Cycle to Work Employee Event or to find out more please contact info@cyclescheme.ie