4 year eligibility

Employees are eligible for 1 Cycle to Work scheme application once every 4 years from their last application. 

With Cyclescheme Ireland as your Cycle to Work scheme administrator your employees will automatically be notified when they are next eligible to re-join the scheme.  If employees try to re apply before they are eligible our online system has various automatic checks in place to help prevent re-applications before each employees eligibility date. This means you do not have to keep track of this manually and helps to ensure your scheme is compliant with the Revenue rules of the Cycle to Work scheme.  

If you have been running your company Cycle to Work scheme in-house and are concerned about managing second time applications please contact us on 01 903 8308 or at info@cyclescheme.ie as we are experienced in taking over schemes, managing historical data and running your scheme via our online management system.  We also provide posters, factsheets and advice on second time applications for your employees.