Round Up: Adventure road bike essentials

Cyclescheme, 05.05.2015

Round Up: Adventure road bike essentials

Got an adventure road bike? A Cyclescheme Accessories Package will save you money on the crucial accessories for commuting and beyond.

Equipped with disc brakes and fatter tyres than you'd find on a traditional road bike, adventure road bikes like Giant's Revolt and Kona's Rove have obvious cyclocross roots. They combine a sporty, drop-bar riding position with a more rugged build, since they're designed for dirt tracks as well as tarmac. Tyres 32mm or wider will cope better on potholed streets too, and adventure road bikes can be equipped with mudguards and luggage. Big rear panniers like you'd put on a touring bike might be awkward, due to higher gearing and less heel clearance; some adventure road bikes might not even have the frame fittings for a rear rack. Yet all will carry enough luggage for a lightweight trip away – or for the journey to work.

Adventure road bike prices start at a little over €600 and go up from there, so a separate Accessories Package is a good way to get all the extras you need. Before choosing them, weigh up how you'll use your bike. Do you want to turn it into a full-time commuter, with mudguards and pannier rack fixed in place? Or do you also want to be able to ride it for fun, unfettered by either? This example package assumes the latter.


Altura Speed Seatpack - Large

This comes in sizes S and M as well. The Large is big enough to hold a smaller mini-pump as well as the usual odds and ends. It's nevertheless narrow enough not to rub your legs. Reflectivity is good, and the LED light strap is rubberised to stop the light jumping off. It attaches with two velcro straps.


SKS Velo 55 Cross Mudguards

You can't beat frame-fitting mudguards for splash protection. However, they're time consuming to take on and off if you want to do a summer road ride or muddy dirt road ride without them. These quick-release guards don't offer quite the same coverage, but they're better on road than mountain bike style guards. These ones are 55mm ride. Narrower and wider versions are available. 

SKS Velo Mudguard U-stay Kit

The Velo mudguards above can attach without stays. For extra stability and less tyre rub, it's worth getting the U-stay kit as well. The U-stays attach to the back end of the Velo mudguards and fix them firmly to the frame, attaching with allen bolts at the frame's mudguard eyelets. It still won't take long to remove or attach the mudguards.


Endura MT500 Hooded Jacket

This breathable jacket is basically impervious to rain. It'll keep you dry in cloudbursts on your commute and on any bikepacking trips you might make. The hood goes under a helmet and doesn't interfere with your peripheral vision like most do. There are pockets in the chest and wrist, and the zipped vents can double as cargo pockets. Reflective details help you stand out at night, while the orange colour option is good for daytime visibility. It's reinforced in places with Cordura fabric, so should wear well.

Endura Zyme 3/4

Lots of bike shorts are a bit too bikey to wear on the street – or in the office on dress-down days. The Nylon fabric of these black Zyme shorts looks like denim, and the everyday appearance is enhanced by the belt that's included. Yet they're bike shorts: there are no seams where you sit on the saddle, and the seat is reinforced. There are jeans-style pockets in the back, two front hip pockets, a zipped security pocket, and a zipped thigh pocket. They're not padded but are compatible with Endura's Clickfast short liners, or could be worn over ordinary Lycra shorts.


RSP Asteri 2 Headlights

You get two of these lightweight 1W LED lights, not just one. Both are powered by the same external battery that you strap to your frame. A light output of up to 150 lumens is fine for commuting, and both lamps are battery are quick to remove when you park. They will run for up to 6 hours on full beam. A smart charger is included.

PDW Dangerzone Tail Light

Some LED rear lights mount only to the seatpost, which is no good if you've got a big saddle pack. This 0.5W light can attach there or to one of the seat-stays instead. There's also a clip for fixing it to a backpack or luggage. It'll run for about 50 hours on two AAA batteries. 


Knog Bouncer

At 800g and 185 x 125 x 35mm, the Bouncer is one of the lightest and smallest D-locks available. It'll fit in the rear pocket of jeans (or Zymes), and if it goes in your saddle pack its silicone over-moulding will prevent it bashing other items. Underneath that covering there's a 13mm hardened steel shackle, and it's rated Sold Secure Bronze. 

Your Cyclescheme shopping list

  • Altura Speed Seatpack - €21.99
  • SKS Velo 55 Cross mudguards €25.00
  • SKS Velo Mudguard U-stay kit €27.99
  • Endura MT500 Hooded Jacket €189.99
  • Endura Zyme 3/4 €47.99
  • RSP Asteri 2 Headlights €139.99
  • PDW Dangerzone Tail Light €34.00
  • Knog Bouncer U Lock €49.90
  • Total before Cyclescheme savings €536.85

Package with Cyclescheme savings included:

  • A standard rate tax payer using the scheme would only pay €370.43 for the package
  • A higher rate tax payer using the scheme would pay €263.06 for the package

Visit the Cyclescheme calculator to see how much you could save on this package.

All of our Cyclescheme Partner Stores also have a wide selection of Road Bike Essentials – please visit for a full retailer listing.


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