Round Up: Panniers

Cyclescheme, 01.10.2015

Round Up: Panniers

For longer trips or heavier loads, it's comfier to carry bags on your bike than your back.

Panniers are the answer if your backpack or courier bag makes you ache or sweat. You'll need a frame fixing rear rack. (Beam racks that attach to the seatpost are meant for smaller rack-top bags.) Racks fi t to most bikes with normal-sized wheels, apart from some road and mountain bikes. Most racks are sturdy enough for two big rear bags, with a combined volume of 40-50 litres and a weight of 20kg. That's useful for touring or shopping, but for commuting 10-20 litres is ample. You can get that through one medium bag or two small ones, which is better for bike handling. All good panniers have hooks with security fittings, so they won't leap off the rack if you hit a bump. Internal or external pockets enable you to divide the load, so your laptop doesn't have to share space with your sandwiches. If the pannier isn't waterproof, get a rain-cover or plastic-bag the contents.

Altura Arc 20 Roll Top Pannier

You can cycle to work in a downpour and any stuff you've packed in this Arc pannier will still be dry. It's made from waterproof fabric, with seams that are welded rather than stitched, and a top that rolls over and buckles down. The Rixen Kaul Pressure Fit hooks are simple but secure, the only noticeable economy being that they're fixed in position. It's available in red or grey, both with reflective details to increase night time visibility. This version holds 20 litres; the smaller Arc 15 (same price) is arguably a better size for commuting.

XLC Single Waterproof Pannier 

This is one of the smallest panniers you buy, with a capacity of just 9 litres. That will still be big enough for many commuters, and the small size means it's more manageable if you prefer to ride with a single pannier. It's completely waterproof, thanks to its roll-top, welded-seam, polyester-and-PVC construction. The small outer pocket is also waterproof. Reflective triangles add visibility from the rear and (when not obscured by your leg) the front. It's a well made bag, with hooks again by Rixen Kaul, but it's relatively expensive.

Ortlieb City Biker QL3 Pannier


While it's only a 10-litre bag, Ortlieb's City Biker is the right shape for A4 fi les or a laptop (up to 13.3in). As the bag's material and construction are waterproof, any contents should stay dry; it's plausible but unlikely that sideways rain could get blown under the flap. It doubles as a shoulder bag. (The strap is secured internally when it's on the bike.) There's no problem with protruding hooks when you're carrying the bag, as Ortlieb's QL3 hooks are recessed. There's some reflectivity and a choice of bright colours. 

Basil Mirte Shopping Bag


It's a 16-litre pannier designed to look like, and function as, a ladies' shopping bag. There are proper handles, and the pannier hooks are in a zipped pocket on the side; they can be concealed when you're on foot. It's not completely waterproof, as heavy rain could get in that the top, but the coated polyester fabric will shrug off showers and spray. There's a zipped purse pocket inside the bag, and reflectives front and rear. An optional mount allows it to be fixed to the handlebar instead. 

Cordo Zuidkaap Blue Laptopbag 

Like Ortlieb's City Biker, this is a pannier that doubles as a shoulder bag. There are hooks but they can be covered when the bag isn't on the bike. As the name says, this 12-litre bag is specifically designed to carry a laptop, having a well-padded pocket that will accommodate a machine up to 15in. There are other pockets inside, plus an external pocket in the lid and a side pocket for tucking the shoulder strap into. There's a loop for an LED light. Cordo Vario hooks will fi t racks from 6-15mm in diameter. 

Our Cyclescheme Partner Bike Stores stock a wide range of panniers suitable for your commute visit for a full listing.

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