Round Up: Autumn and winter essentials

Cyclescheme, 12.10.2015

Round Up: Autumn and winter essentials

The right equipment will keep you comfortable as the weather worsens. It will soon pay for itself too, especially if you get it through Cyclescheme.

Don't let the change is seasons stop you cycling to work. Invest in quality clothing and accessories and keep riding. Good kit doesn't come cheap; in total, it can cost as much as a bike. The good news is that you can get it the same cost-effective way: through Cyclescheme. An Accessory Package is just that: accessories and clothing but no bike. The items listed here are excellent examples of the equipment all-weather cycle commuters need. You might want different items, depending on your bike and commute.


Lezyne Deca Drive XXL

All-in-one lights are more convenient for commuting than those with separate battery packs, attaching in seconds. Despite weighting only 247g, the Deca Drive XXL emits up to 1500 lumens. That's enough to light your way off-road, let alone on it. Yet it can be dimmed to 250 lumens in one click, so you needn't dazzle oncoming traffic. It's waterproof, USB rechargeable, and lasts up to 25 hours on one charge.

Busch & Muller Toplight Flat Senso

This combined rear light and reflector bolts to a pannier rack so can live permanently on your bike. It's visible from a 220º arc, so you'll be easier to see at junctions. The Senso mode switches the light on automatically if it gets darker when you're moving, whether that's due to dusk or a tunnel. It runs on AA batteries.


SKS Chromoplastics mudguards

Full-length mudguards stop you spraying dirty water over yourself and the bike. SKS Chromplastics are secure and don't rattle, thanks to 3.4mm stainless steel stays. The front guard has break-away fittings to prevent it folding up behind the fork if anything gets jammed. There are versions to suit most 26in and 700C tyre.


Altura Dryline Rack Pack

Waterproof luggage is a must for winter, and a bag that goes on the bike will make you sweat less. This 7-litre rack pack will hold your commuting essentials and keep them dry. It goes on easily, thanks to Altura's quick-release Landing Strip, and there are reflective details.


Zefal Sealant Spray

Punctures are more common in autumn and winter. Tougher tyres are a wise investment. If you get a puncture anyway, this can of gas and sealant repairs and re-inflates the tyre in moments.

Dirtwash Ultimate Bike Care Kit

It's not just chains that get filthy on winter roads. Even with mudguards, your commuter bike will get dirty. This kit includes bike cleaning spray, degreaser, spray lube, and tenacious all-weather lube, as well as a sponge and a selection of brushes. There's a plastic tub to keep it all in.


Sealskinz Belgian Style Cycling Cap

Waterproof, windproof and breathable, the Belgian Style cap can be worn on its own or underneath a helmet. It's fleece lined and goes over the ears. The short peak prevents rain or sleet getting in your eyes, while the panel at the back is reflective.

Altura Peloton Progel Waterproof Gloves

Cold fingers make cycle commuting horrible. Altura's Peloton Progel gloves are waterproof and windproof to keep out the chill. They're padded at the palm for comfort but are close fitting for a winter glove, which makes gear shifting easier. Reflective trim makes your hand signals stand out.

Bontrager B2 Long Sleeve Baselayer

A base layer is a thermal vest that doesn't get clammy with sweat. The Bontrager B2 is a blend of polyester and wool that's comfortable against the skin. On milder days, you can wear just this under your cycling jacket; on colder ones, you'll want a long-sleeve jersey too.

Endura Luminite II Jacket

A waterproof top that doesn't get too sweaty is a key part of every year-round commuter's wardrobe. The Luminite II Jacket uses seam-sealed breathable fabric that's emblazoned with reflective chevrons. There's also an LED light fixed into the rear pocket. Chest and handwarmer pockets let you stash small items in easy reach, and the neck, hem and collar are adjustable to keep out draughts.

Sealskinz Mid Weight Mid Length Sock

Waterproof socks are your last line of defence against cold, wet feet. Lined with Merino wool for comfort, Sealskinz' socks keep out the elements thanks to a StretchDry waterproof membrane. While thicker versions are available, the Mid Weight version will fit your existing shoes better.

Endura Luminite II Overshoes

Summer cycling shoes leak like tea bags in the wet. A second set of winter shoes is one option; another is a pair of winter overshoes. Endura's Luminite II Overshoes are made of a stretch waterproof fabric and they're highly reflective.

A wide range of Autumn and Winter Accessories can be found in our Cyclescheme Partner Bike Stores – visit for a full listing.

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