Reasons why you should be cycling to work

Cyclescheme, 17.01.2020

Reasons why you should be cycling to work

If you aren't already enjoying the benefits of cycling to work, or need a little convincing, you've come to the right place...

More and more studies are proving the positive effect that cycling has on a rider’s physical and mental wellbeing, making cycling a key method of travel. Cyclescheme provides your employee Cycle to Work programme and the data shows that this is a benefit that is fast becoming one of the most desirable perks an employer can offer you.

In addition to the poignant health boosts, Cyclescheme is great for the bank balance, which boosts your financial wellbeing – making huge savings on RRP and splitting the repayments across 12 months makes a bike and all the accessories feel that much more affordable.

And if improving your own health and wellbeing isn’t enough of a bonus, we just need to look at the impact that cycling can and will have on our planet.

If you’re still sat on the fence, or even if you’re an avid rider, take a look at our flow chart below. Hopefully it’ll get you thinking about why cycling would make a positive impact on you.

why you should be cycling

Fingers crossed you’re now considering doing a little more cycling in your life. To help you along the way and keep your motivation high, we’re partnered with behaviour change platfor, Love to Ride. It’s free to sign up to our community and once you do, you have a whole world at your fingertips.

As a minimum, you can log your cycling efforts, enter prize draws and find cycling recommendations. You can also set up your own communities with your friends or colleagues to encourage healthy competition and even log any exercise that you complete on a virtual bike!

As a Cyclescheme community, we have almost 13.5 thousand members, all of whom are contributing to some awesome cycling stats. Take a look at what we achieved in 2019.

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So, join us in 2020; feel the health benefits, help the planet, save yourself some money and become a community member who enjoys their commute to work.

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